Our Dream

  • Building our own School - Vishwanidam Vishwa Vidhyalay
  • Matikala
  • Agarbati
  • Paper bag

Our objectives to make sufficient business and making a profit to use slum children education and give them work livelihood.

we want to make school only for slums children, which can take admission freely in Vishwanidam vishwa vidhyalay. We will provide not only books knowledge but according to their ability to impart knowledge aims.

Teaching method

  • without the burden of learning
  • with knowledge entertainment
  • near nature education


Sanskrit, Gujarati, Hindi, English, Science, Geography, Maths, Physical Education, Housing Industry


Sports Ground, Garden, Sports Equipment, Computer lab, Science Lab, Prayer Hall, Seminar Hall, Library, Canteen, CCTV Camera, Projector, Speaker, TV – DVD

1.50 square feet * 150 = 22.500 square feet
Estimated land – 2300 square feet
Estimated land = 22.500 * 1000
( Two Crore Twenty Five Lakhs)

Estimated value of the land = 2300* 4000 rs. = 92.00000
= 2.2500000 + 9200000 = 3.1700000
( Three Crore Seventeen Lakhs)