A Step Ahead

  • The etiquettes and the kind of behaviour the inhabitants of the slums areas possess is what we look forward to change. But before doing that, it is necessary to keep the up-coming generation away from it. To fulfill this dream.
  • we established a hostel for the children-HAPPY HOME, on 7th June, 2011 in MotaMauva, Kalawad Road. The young businessmen of Rajkot and the founders of the Hope Welfare Foundation have helped us in establishing the hostel.
  • Again as a result of their support we could come up with another HAAPY HOME at Kalawad Road, G.I.D.C., Metoda.
  • Jitu sir made around hundred children from Shantinagar and Natrajnagar areas, open savings accounts in their names in Bank of India. This is how kids learnt to save money. The pocket money they get from home is also put into these savings accounts. Today, the amounts in their accounts vary from 2,000 rupees to 20,000 rupees.

The Future We Have Envisaged

  • We dream with open eyes and put our heart and soul into it to make them real.
  • You can also help- us fulfill our dreams by contributing for the development of the society.
  • The provision of a little bit of your time, the innumerable talents you possess, love, blessings and a small amount of money can turn into a ray of hope in our lives.
  • Our stretched hands are not begging hands but ones asking for your help and love. Giving with grace and a feeling of gratitude is very important. But more important is to never regret giving. For example, a broken bicycle at your home can become a plane for us to reach to school.
  • We aspire to establish our centers in all eight two slums in Rajkot out of the fourteen we have in.
  • Our tireless efforts will result in the establishment of our own university one day, where students will be encouraged to develop their skills and pursue the career they want to rather than just gaining bookish knowledge.
  • We also want to help all the parents make a living of their own.
  • This is how we dream of changing our world and making a difference to the world the entire humanity dwells in.