About Us

Vishwnidam is a non-governmental organization, working in Gujarat last 17 years. Once Mr. Jitubhai is study that some slum areas in Rajkot’s population are very high. He study that why the Population in this area are high. He caught the reason, the reason are un-educated people. With increasing urbanization, urban migration has led to a serious problem of increase in urban slums. These urban poor usually consist of semi-skilled or unskilled labor. The poor condition of these urban poor in slum areas is mainly due to their inability to compete with skilled labor class. Everybody knows that Education plays a vital role in economic growth of any economy. We tries to improving education in the socio economic conditions of slums. The educational level of Slum residents in India is very low and there is an urgent need to improve the educational attainment level of urban poor for better economic growth. That’s why we started the viswanidam.