Welcome to Vishwanidam Public Charitable Trust

Vishwanidam has been worked in Gujarat for last 15 year's, it's born as a result of the tireless efforts of Jitu-Rehana towards the upliftment and overall development of children from slum areas. Recently it has also been making efforts to make women self-reliant and has been giving lessons regarding family planning to the parents of the children.

How are we different?

As we all know, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’; education alone is not enough for the overall development of children. Understanding what you learn and putting it to practical uses is the real learning. Skills of the children are portrayed through the performance of various activities. We make people understand that giving happiness is a way to gain happiness. Money doesn’t buy happiness, only love does. From getting rid of slums in the city of Rajkot, Jitubhai has dreamt of creating an ideal world some day.

Works of success


90% families are freed from various illnesses.


Most of the children are de-addicted from the habitual use of gudka and alcohol.


Lives of around 1000 children are filled with light by providing them education.

Save Money

Bank accounts in the name of the children are opened to help them save money.


For spreading awareness about preserving the environment, activities like aforestation and blood donation camps are undertaken.


75% families are organized according to proper planning.

Make a difference by sponsoring a child and help change a life today.

  • Donate the child- 5000/- Rs.per year.
  • Provide the needful things. (Clothes, toys, food essential,Stationery, Cycle, etc.)
  • Free admission in school.
  • Celebration by giving lunch or dinner.
  • Donate Kalarav Kendra – 60,000/- Rs. Per Year.
  • Happy Home – provide one time lunch/ dinner - 2000/- Rs.
  • Donate the Happy Home’s Child – 15000/- Rs. Per year.

Protect the world's most vulnerable children