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About vishvanidam  >> Our History

               Vishvanidam is an institute today that was started in 2001 by a young Indian couple name Rehana and Jitendra who are well-known today as ‘Rehana-Jitu’ in most of Gujarat state of India with an organization Viahvanidam.

         During the working with an NGO for children, in Kutch (Gujarat) post severe earthquake, that REHANA–JEETU, decided to devote their lives for welfare of deprived children. They both studied the situation and passed long time living within the slums to touch the situation and decided to reform the slums’ children by educating them and by lifting up their skills — creative skills lying within them, that would lead them to earn something out of the skill.

          This couple started their work with a slum named “Shantinagar” slum, at University Road, near Kidney Hospital, in Rajkot city of India. Initially they started gathering some slum children, playing with them, telling them stories, and educating them. Gradually more and more slum children started to join them.

             They started a small classroom called “KALRAV” — an open-air school, where they began to provide these children basic formal and informal education. Most of those children were, either beggars or rag-pickers. By these activities children were earning at least around Rs. 50 a day. It was very hard to convince their parents, to send their children to KALRAV, as they were not ready to loose easy and average income of about Rs. 50/- per day; But gradually, REHANA-JEETU, succeeded in convincing the parents.

             Starting with just 5 slum children in one “KALRAV” center, “VISHVANIDAM” now handles around 600 slum children in 7 education centers known as “KALRAV”, in different slums areas of Rajkot.

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